XR Team Members

Team Members

This image wishes it looked as good as Musa.

Business Owner aka “The Boss” (Tries to code but talks more than debugging and does most of the deals with clients.)

Currently teaching English & Global Perspectives in a top International School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Lauren loves gaming and cats!

Lead Graphics Designer aka “The Artist” (Automatically beautifies the ugliest of scenes to make them look gorgeous!)

Currently working in Accenture as a Mobility Case Coordinator (Immigration/Destination Services).

Sometimes, the photographer is the model.

Lead Engineer aka “The Initiator” (Does things on his own initiative for the greater good without being told.)

Currently working in the healthcare sector as a Media, Communications Executive. He has a background in film design and production.

Choon Kok secretly wishes he was a game character.

Choon Kok
Senior Chief Engineer aka “Code Ninja” (He works in silence but is deadly in his execution.)

Currently working in ST Engineering as a System Engineer and pursuing new skills in gaming design(AR, VR, MR).