Enrichment Programme: Adventurer’s & Writers

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In this Language Arts Enrichment Programme, participants will delve into an immersive world that they build as a collective under the guidance of the Dungeon Master (DM). 

In a collective storytelling effort, everyone plays a part to unravel mysteries, solve puzzles and riddles, negotiate with one another, assess the merits and benefits of every opportunity or consider the consequences of various actions.  

The adventuring party of the day will interact with the natives of this ‘world’, go on some quests and perhaps be faced with some moral dilemma as they continue their adventure.

The ‘adventure’ that party goes on in each session as the basis of their writing activity for the day. Each writing activity will cover specific English language elements and/or writing text types most suitable post adventure.

The DM and creator of this program is also a competent educator of nearly 20 years of teaching experience in both local and international schools.  He is trained in multiple pedagogies and has the knack of being able to make students motivated to read and write.   He was also a Speech/Drama teacher which makes the entire process of running such a Role-Playing Game such a natural thing to do.

Having done this in a private setting many times over has affirmed Gamerdad’s belief – that you CAN make children want to write.


Duration: 2.5 hours per session.

Location: Basecamp Cafe (Simei MRT Station).  Other locations – negotiable.

Schedule: Once a week.  Drop us a note to enquire current adventuring days.

Adventuring party size limit: Maximum party size will follow prevailing SMM or  a group of FOUR.

Minimum age requirement: 8 years old.


Solo Adventurer: $70 / session.  ($300 for 5 sessions if paid upfront)

Adventuring Party: $60/session/pax if signed up with a friend/sibling or more.  ($270/pax for 5 sessions if paid upfront)

All new adventurers will receive a set of 7 adventuring dice – FREE!


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