About Us

Who is this Gamerdad and What does he stand for?

Way back in the 80s, Gamerdad’s parents knew the value of ‘family game night’. At least once a week, they would whip out whichever board game the family owns and spend time together.

This was the era, long before smartphones, gaming consoles and the internet. Now that he has children of his own, and they’re big enough to appreciate tabletop games, he has built his own collection of board games for the family.

Continuing the family culture, they put aside all devices on game night to gather around the table – including the youngest who started when she was just aged 5! Families that play together, learn together.

Gamerdad volunteers at a local board game meetup to host games and with SG-Gamemakers, assists with building a local game designer community. Through this, he’s made contact with veteran names within the local boardgaming community.

As an ex-educator, he takes full advantage of how gaming can lead to many learning opportunities. Thus, has pioneered several innovative Language Arts programs like; “Adventurers & Writers” and “Play, Write”.