Enrichment Programme: “Play, Write.”

Original price was: $50.Current price is: $45.



Similar to “Adventurers & Writers”, this program revolves around allowing children to be exposed to many different table-top games and using them as effective tools in an engaging class of Language Arts.

Through modern tabletop gaming, participants learn more about themselves and help them develop critical thinking and forward planning as they strategize to get the best outcome for themselves.

They will need to hone their soft skills like positive social interactions such as negotiations, teamwork and sportsmanship. The lead facilitator will then engage the participants further with dedicated English lessons suitable for the games they just played.

Gamerdad has been successful in implementing this strategy after seeing, in many of his previous classes, how learning English – CAN be fun!

What others have said about our Enrichment Programs –

“My son really enjoys the game session AND his writing practice. He used to abhor writing and write so slowly!” Mrs Sum.

“You need to run this every school holiday!” Mr Tan.

Duration: 1.5 hours per session.

Location: Basecamp Cafe (Simei MRT Station).  Other locations – negotiable.

Schedule: Once a week.  Drop us a note to enquire schedule for 2022

Group Size: Maximum party size will follow prevailing SMM or  a group of EIGHT.

Minimum age requirement: 7 years old.


Solo Play-Writer: $50 / session.  ($200 for 5 sessions if paid upfront)

Group: $40/session/pax if signed up with a friend/sibling or more.  ($180/pax for 5 sessions if paid upfront)

All new Play-Writer will receive Goodie-Bag!



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