Private Game Sessions




“If you can’t go to a board game cafe, bring it to you!”

Be it modern tabletop games or digital party games, your game session is bound to be a hoot and an unforgettable experience.  Suitable for families with kids or any group of friends.

The gamemaster will come with carefully selected board games to suit the needs and style of your playing group upon request if any.  We are partnered with Cardboard Crew who mainly operates at Basecamp Cafe. This effectively means that we have access to at least 500 different game titles.

The game our gamemasters are ‘professionals’ who regularly host games like the various boardgame meetups across the island on a weekly basis.  You can be rest assured that our gamemasters know the game rules very well – so your group can go right into the game without the need to spend time figuring out how to play the game!

Following our current regulations, all of our game hosts are fully vaccinated and will do an A.R.T. on the morning of any physical event upon request.

Location: Your home, office or any location arranged by you.

Duration: 2-hour minimum. (This is to ensure the group gets to play at least 2-3 different game titles.)

Capacity: Minimum 2 pax, Maximum 4 pax (Optimal wait time between turns for maximum fun!) Bigger groups are possible. Contact us for a consultation on the customized session.

1) $40 for the first 2 hours

2) $15/hr for every additional hour or part there off thereafter.

Terms and Conditions:
1) Time begins at the start of setting up! Our game masters are trained to do the table set-up with the participants at the table as a way to break the ice and it is actually a tried/test method to start teaching the table how to play a new game.




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