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Private RPG Session

There is no denying that there is a resurgence in the recognition of what once used to be called ‘geek games’; the Role-playing Games like Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons after the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

Regular people are keen to get into this game but often has trouble finding the right group of players to form a party or to find a decent Dungeon Master (DM) to run a regular game.

Gamerdad’s mission is to make this more accessible to the mainstream – especially to young families.  This session is suitable for groups of adults, a family (parents & children!) and customized for young students.

Between all of our professional DMs, mainly from Criticals & Fumbles, our RPG sessions are not limited to only a high fantasy setting (like Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings etc) but is available in other themes like;

  • Science fiction (Infinity, Aliens, Star Wars etc)
  • Suparnatural beings (vampires, werewolves etc)
  • Superheroes

Our DMs are more than happy to have a pre-session consultation as to your group’s expectations, comfort level of violence/gore/mature content and content requests.

We are extremely glad and proud of the DMs who are working with us because of their passion for game where they are not only capable of running the game, they also;

  • Possess the more impressive personal collection of miniatures (in the thousands)
  • Have a few Master Painters who keeps painting miniatures and terrain for the group – non stop!
  • Will likely have any accessory needed to run the game.
  • Have the map/mini/terrain for almost anything. Anything!

Effectively, this means that your RPG experience will be as immersive as possible

What others have said about our Private RPG Sessions and our Dungeon Masters.

“My son bought the ‘D&D Starter Kit’ but he has no one to play with at home and none of us actually knows how to play let. I saw Gamerdad’s posts on running games for his class and decided to sign up for the school holidays group. Long story short, my son is in a group that’s into their 5th session already.” Mr Tan

“It’s better than going to the movies! The whole family gets to decide how the story should go and I had fun discussing with my children on the different ways we can solve the ‘puzzles’ that we encountered.” Mr Dalibor Takac


Location: Your home, office or a pre-arranged location.

Duration: 3 hour minimum.

Party size: 2 – 6 players.

Fees: From $80 for a One-session adventure (free 30 mins pre-session consultation.)
*Families who went through the Learn-to-Play session with Criticals & Fumbles will receive a further discount!
*Returning groups will be offered variable packages based on the need of the group.


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